Thursday, December 17, 2009

10 Things Thursday--Mitzvah Edition

10 things I love about my sister...

1. She knows. She knows things that no one else in the world but she and I know.
2. She is funny. Over the years, she has made me laugh more than any one else.
3. She is beautiful. Inside and out.
4. She is my perfect Pictionary partner. (See #1.)
5. She loves my kids. And they adore her.
6. She is an amazing mom. She loves her children the way a mommy should.
7. She is strong. She has survived more than her share of trials.
8. She is talented. She sings like an angel and crafts like Martha and cooks like Rachel.
9. She is my friend. The best kind of friend.
10. She loves God. And lets him love her.

For her mitzvah, she gets this list...and a big bunch of pink flowers. And my eternal, unconditional love and adoration.

1 comment:

Ada said...

I'm sobbing. Thank you so very much. It's the best mitzvah yet.