Friday, December 11, 2009

Show and Tell

Ironman action figure that came from the store (I had to ask questions to get that much information. At first A. just sat in the show and tell chair and held Ironman up and then got up and went back to his place. That's more like show and not tell I guess.)

Nutcracker that's "very special that I got from Santa last year. His hand kept coming out so we had to tape it. You crack the nut like this. And this is it's sword and it has a diamond. And that's it."

Two stuffed cats that are "very special"

Stuffed puppy that M. got "at Claire's and she had clothes but I lost them and her name is Alissa and I really love her."

Wind up flashlight that D. got for his birthday "a long time ago" (Umm, he's six so it couldn't have been that long ago.) (And if you're wondering, yes it's the same thing D. brought last week.)

"Outer space thing that lights up on the little buttons and goes with a bear and a story. When I read a story it's kind of good but I didn't bring the bear and story 'cuz it's too long."

Two stuffed puppies--"This one is the big sister and this one is the little sister and they are twins. This one is named Emily and this one is named Katie. Sometimes I forget to brush their teeth. They are my favorite puppies in the world and I play with them everyday and I have more puppies at my house and I like them and it's going to be all their birthdays next year and sometimes they just wiggle and wag their tails and hide behind things and sometimes they are scared and these dogs are so special and I got them from the store a long time ago, two days ago, and my real doggie at home is not a stuffed one and I'm getting five little puppies for Christmas and I'm going to feed them every time and they like jumping and they like laying down on their hands like this or like this and sometimes they run and chase squirrels and cats but sometimes cats chase them and I like them cuz their my real dogs."

Today's mitzvah--Today was Kathy's day. She deserves several days for being such a good friend, for making me laugh, and for having my back whenever I need her. But for now she gets today. Although what I gave her will last for more than a day. I gave her a Toblerone candy bar, which I know she loves, and a coupon book with coupons for things like a day out with me, a day of babysitting so she can have a whole day of quiet, days of me taking her recess and lunch duties at school, a box of Junior Mints when we go to the movies, and a latte from Costco (not counting the one I gave her today.) Oy vey! It's the gift that keeps on giving. Love ya, Kathy! And happy mitzvah!


Katrina said...

I'm with D. Some things are too good to only show and tell them once!

Katrina said...

Oops, I didn't mean to end my comment right there!

Also wanted to say that Caleb brought Tiny Tiger to show and tell no fewer than eight times last year.

Also, Kathy rocks. But don't tell her I said so--she'll only get all smug about it. ;P

kathy said...

You know I’m not too schmaltzy, but I must admit I got a bissel ferklempt when I saw your coupon book. You perform such a mitzvah and get bupkes in return. You are a real mensch. We must get together to schmooz and nosh over some latkas and laugh till we plotz. Maybe we could go to Hand to Art and paint some tchatchke. Do you think they might have a dreidl? Shalom, my friend.

Ada said...

Oh how I love show & tell day. giggle giggle

and you and Kathy...I love you two broads too.

Jen said...

Katrina, I guess if it's worth showing, it's worth showing again.

Kathy, you have officially won the best comment ever award! I love it!

Ada, you should come over some Friday. It's even better in person.

marci said...

When it comes to Kathy's talents, being a good friend is probably her best. But when I saw the word "Toblerone" and read that the gift would last more than a day, I was skeptical.