Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Field Trip

Today the boys went on a field trip...without me. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I wasn't there to watch them and experience it with them. I did okay since I knew that the grown ups they were with are very reliable and trustworthy and like the boys well enough to make sure they made it back to school. And I guess they did okay without me, too. They came back to school and said the field trip was awesome. So I guess we all survived...but next time I'm going.

Today's mitzvah--One of the 8th grade girls at school comes to my class each morning to help me with my class in chapel. She sits on one end of our row and helps make sure the kids put the right hand over their hearts during the pledge and sit and stand when they are supposed to and are quiet when it's time to be quiet. I've known her since she was born and love her and her family. She has a unique sense of style that I love. She is funny and smart and good company at plays and movies and Applebee's. She has a heart for the Lord and is an example to me and many others. So today I gave her a card and little gift (nail kit, lotion, bubble bath, and lip balm) to show her my appreciation.


Ada said...

Super sweet...I love her heart too.

marci said...

I love her heart, too. I am so blessed.