Monday, December 28, 2009


Today is Monday...and I am not at school. I am instead sitting here in my pajamas blogging. This is my kind of Monday morning.

Josh went home with a friend after church yesterday and then when I went to pick him up, somehow that friend ended up coming home with us to spend the night. And I didn't mind at all when, while eating a warm grilled cheese sandwich, Josh told his friend that I was the best cook ever. Now I know that I am not, in fact, the best cook ever. I consider microwaving cooking. And make most things from boxes and cans. But to hear Josh brag about me, even if it was my skillz at making a mean grilled cheese, was priceless.

These sleepovers, though, do cause some difficulties. What do you do when your sons are only 19 months apart and one has a friend over? Adam wants to be with them. Josh wants to be alone with his friend. Adam gets picked on. Josh gets in trouble. A warning that the more trouble there was, the sooner the friend would go home stopped it for the moment. But I'm still wondering where the line is where Adam gets to be included and where Josh gets to be alone? It's one of those parenting things that we'll have to work through, I guess. But for now I'm going to go make grilled cheese for breakfast...because, well, I'm really, really good at making grilled cheese.

Today's mitzvah is to write thank you cards to all those who gave me Christmas gifts. That would be 19 thank you cards.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Yep its a hard one that :) but you will work it out lol

Wow at 19..... ya spoilt cow LMFAO.......


ps... to funny, word verification is ...adam p