Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mitzvah Day 1

So today starts my 31 days of Mitzvah--giving something to someone everyday and posting about it. I sat down and made a list of people who are important to me. People who make, or have made, a difference in my life. And those people are the ones to whom I will give this month. There are more than 31 on my list, so some of them I grouped together. But it's a good list. A list anyone would be proud to be able to make as important people in their lives. And that is true for me. These people, all 31+, make me happier than I'd be without them and are a blessing to me. So here we go.

Today's Mitzvah recipient is my class. My 10 students who teach me while I teach them. Who give me reasons to smile everyday. Who remind me of God's goodness. I have given to them free time. Free time is a big deal in kindergarten. We have a pretty full curriculum and so most of the hours we are together are spent working. But today as they sat on the story time rug, I asked them, "If you could do anything right now, what would you want to do?" Their answers were play with our new kitchen play set, play with Legos, and color. So that's what they did. And it was fun to watch them cook and eat and build and pretend. Free time is good. I'm glad I gave it to them. :)


Alyson said...

Ooh, free time is the best! When I was in elementary school (probably older than kindergarten) I remember that playing 'heads up 7-up' was the ultimate treat! :)

kathy said...

You did a two for one today. Thanks for the latte! I love you.

Jen said...

Alyson, I've played Heads Up 7-up with older kids, but I don't think kindergartners could play it. They always peek!

Kathy, you're welcome and I love you, too. And yesterday wasn't even your day. :)

Ada said...

Um...who doesn't love free time, right? Great start sis.

I'm so looking forward to this month and although it might be a surprise to you it isn't looking forward to my day. It's just the smile I get knowing how good you are. :)