Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I remember about 4th grade...

1. It's the first year of school that I actually remember. I can close my eyes and picture the school and classroom and playground and kids.
2. I remember thinking I was very grown up. I turned 10 that year, after all.
3. My favorite thing to do at recess was to play on the tire swings.
4. Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll came out that year. I still can't resist singing along whenever I hear it.
5. It was the year I first noticed boys. And had my first "boyfriend." The relationship lasted from lunch recess to the end of school that day.
6. I had lots of friends. I went to their house and they came to mine.
7. I was in Blue Birds. Kind of like Girl Scouts, I guess.
8. I was in the running club. I think it was the last time I ran by choice.
9. I walked to school. Better than riding the bus, even in the dead of winter.
10. 4th grade was the beginning of the end of childhood for me. It was a transition time leading into the strange world of adolescence.

I've been thinking about 4th grade a lot lately because Josh is in 4th grade this year. He, too, is beginning to have those moments where he seems older than his 10 years. Less interested in little kid stuff. And then the next moment, he might seem much younger. Enjoying the little kid stuff. It's weird, this 4th grade time. For the 4th grader and for mom. I'm trying to enjoy the kid moments with him, and help him understand the maturing stuff. The last 10 years have gone much, much too quickly. I hope the next 8 slow down.

Today's mitzvah--Today was Josh's turn to go to lunch with me. He chose Taco Bell and we shared the double steak quesadilla and 7 layer nachos. It was a nice, quiet time with him. He asked me if we were going to keep doing this lunch thing or if this was the only time. And I just think I might make lunch with one boy at a time at least a monthly ritual. It's just been too good to not do again.


Ada said...

Oooh, I remember 3rd grade. Had Mrs. Hall. Dusty F was my "boyfriend". Got the chicken pox and hid them so I could go to school because we were having a party that day.

You were in the blue birds? I was never in the blue birds or anything like it? Should we put our daughters in that? What is going on?

Jen said...

Ada, You hid your chicken pox?! I didn't know that. And I'm not really sure how I ended up in Blue Birds. I don't even know if they still have Blue Birds. I think the girls might like Girl Scouts though. It sounds really fun. And there are yummy cookies. And those cool uniforms. :) That is if they have time between dance classes.