Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was up at 4:19 this morning. Yes, 4:19 AM. Miss Julianna decided to fuss. Which happens occasionally. I usually just let her fuss it out for a few minutes and she goes right back to sleep. But after about 5 minutes this morning, I whispered, to myself, "Please, go back to sleep, Baby." But she must have heard me through two doors and down the hall, because then she started saying, "Mama.....Mama.....Mama." Well, I can't not go get her when she calls for me by name, so I got up and went into her room. I picked her up out of her crib and went into the living room to snuggle for a few minutes. (I have a wonderful rocking chair in her room, but she refuses to sit in there anymore since she realized that life goes on in the rest of the house after she is in bed. Nothing was happening at 4:19, but she didn't know that.) So she sat on my lap with her sweet, soft head resting on my chest. I closed my eyes and had to smile because I thought of mornings I had spent like this a few years ago. 7 and 9 years ago. When the one year olds sitting on my lap in the early morning darkness were Josh and Adam. And how now, such a short time later, they can barely fit on my lap. And how now I wish I could once again feel their soft, baby heads under my chin. And how I wish, for just a second, that I could hold those sweet babies again. But they were asleep in their own beds. Not needing mommy to get back to sleep. So for that few minutes this morning, a few minutes longer than usual, I sat with this baby on my lap. This third baby. This last chance to snuggle sweet babyness. And I loved every second it.

Today's Mitzvah--Today I gave a card and some Avon goodies to Alyson. Alyson is my friend and sister in Christ. And she is the junior high science teacher at our school. She was also my secret sister earlier this year and spoiled me with all kinds of butterfly things, Oreos, and Diet Coke. And she's Julianna's friend Lily's mommy. But beyond all of that, she is an amazing example of Christian servanthood. She does so much for our congregation and seems to always be doing something to help others. She is a blessing to me and so many others.


Alyson said...

Yay! I got Mitzvah'ed! I love the minty chapstick... yum yum!

It's always nice when you can savor the moments of babyhood instead of being selfish and wishing you were still in bed. Way to go you!

Ada said...

Snuggle up. She is a good snuggler too.

I love Alyson. She is funny and sweet and dang pretty. Just saying.