Thursday, December 03, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I did before 10am today...

1. threw a party...well, started to throw a party. But as soon as I realized that it was a pity party, I cancelled it. Yes, I'm a nice person. Yes, I try to do what's right. But, like I've told Josh and Adam a hundred times, life isn't fair. Move on.

2. was a little louder than usual making lunches hoping that my sweet daughter would wake up before I left so that I could hug her and kiss her soft cheeks. It worked.

3. made the boys homemade egg was worth the extra few minutes it took to know that they were happy and full to start the day.

4. prayed with my friends. We have staff prayer time every morning before school. It's a real blessing.

5. smiled in chapel when, upon being asked if anyone had ever had a deer for a pet, the little girl next to me raised her hand. When I asked her if she had really had a pet deer, she said, "Well, I have the horns."

6. laughed out loud when one of my students told me that her sister (who was in my class two years ago) called me Mrs. Weird because she couldn't say my real name. Mrs. Weird...if she only knew.

7. put up a stocking in the hall outside my classroom for "Drkvature." (Dark Vader, or Darth Vader if you prefer. It was actually just one of my students, who wrote that instead of his real name. Too bad for him because he'd probably get something good in his stocking, but I'm pretty sure Drkvature is getting coal.)

8. tied 7 shoes and zipped 5 coats.

9. forgot to give milk to the kids who ordered it for snack...again.

10. kissed the tops of Josh and Adam's heads before I sent them to class. I do it as much as I can these days before I have to ask them to bend down to do it. It won't be long. Not nearly long enough.

Today's Mitzvah--I am sending pictures of the kids with Santa to my in-laws. They adore the kids but don't get to see them often. They will be thrilled.


Ada said...

you've been busy...
Pity party???
homemade mcmuffins are the best!
Mrs Weird made me laugh out loud too. hahahahaaaa

word verify...fencive

That's a fencive tee shirt, yer wearing.

I'm funnnnnny.

Alyson said...

Ooh, I want a homemade egg mcmuffin. If you ever decide to Mitzvah me, that's what I want. :)

And I keep getting Mitzvah confused with Miqvah.

kathy said...

i love that you are doing Mitzvah. i don't have many Jewish friends.

Jen said...

Ada, are funny.

Alyson, they are yummy and way cheaper than McD's.

Kathy, OY!

Anonymous said...

You girls need to double up on your medication---Chico