Monday, December 14, 2009


My brain is full of all kinds of ramblings today. Maybe if I get them out I'll be able to sleep tonight.

We've had the flu. Adam the worst complete with middle of the night bedding change and laundry session. Mine is about gone but I'm still achy and tired.

We went to a memorial service today for a close family friend. My dad did the service. He did well. Even though I didn't see John often, I'm going to miss him. I keep seeing him in the faces of men with long beards. But none of them are him.

My class (including me) is pretty much in Christmas break mode. My one and only goal for this week is to get their gifts for their parents finished and wrapped. I am a little ahead in my curriculum, so I don't feel too guilty for not doing all my lessons every day.

Today was the first day of coats and boots and snow pants and hats and gloves. Such an ordeal for kindergartners...and kindergarten teachers.

Speaking of gloves, send gloves to school with your children! I feel sorry for the ones whose little fingers freeze during recess and even let a few stay in today who didn't have gloves. But I don't feel sorry for the parents. Send gloves to school with your children!

I really want to buy the boys this biggish present for Christmas, but I can't bring myself to do it since we are still dealing with unemployment in our house. Urgh.

Okay, I'm blaming my whining on the flu. And now I'm done whining.

On another note...

Today's mitzvah--I collected some books out of our family's huge collection of books to pass on to a sweet little girl whose family is friends of our family. Her mom had mentioned wanting new books for her and so when I was thinning ours, I thought of her. Hopefully she'll get as much enjoyment out of them as we have.


Alyson said...

Blah-the flu is no fun. Especially when you're trying to wrap up the school year and get Christmas ready to go.

Katrina said...

But do you feel sorry for parents whose kids are on their THIRD pair of gloves this year because the kids keep losing them to the Great Void of Lost Gloves?

Alyson said...

Katrina, you (um, or your child) need those mittens that have a string attached to them that goes up the sleeve, around the body and down the other sleeve. Do they even make those anymore?

kathy said...

i've crocheted a string like that and attached it myself to their gloves. it works pretty well until the kid removes it to tie up a stuffed animal...