Monday, November 30, 2009

The End?

Today is November 30th. Which means that I made it through NaBloPoMo without missing a day. It was a challenge some days thinking of something to post. Or just finding the time to post. But I did it. And I may win prizes. One year I won a $40 gift card to itunes. I'd take that again.

But just when I thought I was finished with daily posts, I got an email about December's NaBloPoMo theme. And even though it's not officially National Blog Posting Month, the same challenge applies for December. The theme is Mitzvah. Which I found out is a Jewish word used to express an act of kindness. So December's challenge is to give something to someone every day and then post about it. It can be anything you want to give, from a kind word to time to a present. Sounds interesting. And challenging. I think I might just try it.

So I guess I'll see you tomorrow.


kathy said...

hooray for you! and us! I have thoroughly enjoyed this month and am thrilled to find out i have another one to look forward to! it almost makes up for the stress induced by the countdown calendars you put up!

kathy said...

hee-hee. the verify word now is adsoll. (snicker, snicker)

Ada said...

please do it...not only for the reading but I bet I am one of the days...and the 21st does not count as my IS my day. hee hee..

Jen said...

Kathy, sorry about the calendar. Ignore it.

Ada, Of course you're one of the days. And I totally did NOT give you the 21st.