Friday, November 13, 2009

Show and Tell

D--"This is my ship. My mom got it for me. That's all. I'm done." (It was a Transformer ship. I asked.)

M--stuffed bunny named Emily that "likes to play with things what she likes to do." M. pretends that she eats real carrots. She likes to play with toys, she buckles herself in her seat belt, "she eats Smarties so she's a smarty pants," she stomps her feet when someone doesn't pay attention, she loves sleeping with M. and going to a sleepover at someone else's house. (Quite a talented stuffed bunny, don't you think?"

M--doll that M. got from Target after school yesterday. "She can stand up and she can change hair, but I left her hair at my home." (She does in fact have hair right now. I'm not sure how she changes hair.)

P--sunglasses from home that are very special and P. got "from" her birthday (Prime example of finding something in a backpack when actual show and tell is forgotten.)

I--monkey and cheetah (as pictured above) Littlest Pet Shop toys. "They have a house and they live together. I have another house but I didn't want to bring it. And I have a car but I didn't want to bring it. And I have a pool and a mat and a towel that I brought with." (Wow. The economy hasn't affected Pet Shop toys--2 houses and a pool.)

M--a tiny baby that uncle B. bought for her and "I love them and they have little bows in their hair and I love them." (I think she loves them.)

K--a "music thingy" that K. had at his old house. "I don't know what it's called but it makes music like this." (Umm, it's a triangle.)


Ada said...

How long will it be until our girls can play(and not eat)with those sweet little pet shop things?

I like them. super cute.

kathy said...

didn't you forget one thing on your list? you said you were gonna put it in! i was really interested in seeing how you explained it. waiting...