Sunday, November 01, 2009

Blessed Sunday

My blog is a blessing. It may seem strange to non-bloggers and maybe even a few bloggers, but these words I write, these thoughts I put down, help me. They help me sort out all those things that fill my head every day. They help me remember little things that happen that I would probably forget otherwise. And this blog, in the beginning, helped me get through the day. It distracted me from the things I needed to be distracted from. So today, on the first day of National Blog Posting Month, I count this blog as a blessing.


kathy said...

hooray for nablopomo! we slacker folk who like to read your posts, but fail to blog on our own have a lot to look forward to. i'm so glad i have two friends who will be posting every day this month. i love november.

verify word: "pinesser" as in, "that little pinesser talked me into loaning her my favorite pin and then stole it AGAIN."

Katrina said...

Happy NaBloPoMo! I'm looking forward to 30 Days of Jen. :D