Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Craft Night"

We had "craft night" at church last night. Notice how I put it in quotes? Well that's because we call it craft night, but it often evolves into other things. Like last night it became movie night. We watched get ready for our outing to see New Moon tonight. I know, I know. We are a little older than your average Twilight fan, but it's just so fun. We can't resist. So tonight we will go and giggle and sigh and choose teams. (Team Jacob!) Then we will go home to our husbands and children and dirty dishes and laundry. But for 2 hours and 1 minute we will join the world of teenage girls and vampires and shape shifting wolves. And love every minute of it.

Now, back to crafting. This is what I bought at Michael's yesterday for $20.06. All these great Thanksgiving decorations and stuff for everyone to make cornucopias to take home. I know! What a deal.

Bunches of flowers for $.19 each.

A variety of cornucopias for $.59 to $.99 each.

This scarecrow for $.49.

A harvesty wreath for $.39.

3 little corn cobs for $.49.

And this sweet little welcome sign for $.39.

Here's my finished project. Cute, huh? Not bad for under $2.00.

All in all, it was a fun and slightly productive night. But mostly it was fun.


Katrina said...

Team Edward forever! Woohoooo!

kathy said...

team jacob. it's the whole legolas/aragorn thing all over again. except this time, katrina is going for the "fancy boy". i think she just likes to be contrary.

verify word: rerolism- the opinion that one should be at the ready and raring to go at all times, ex. Her rerolism is catching! Let's go bungee jumping!"

Ada said...

i loved it...i got some stuff done and Edward was in the background. Delish.

Kelly Christine said...

cute crafts! i meant to get to michaels for some fall sale items, i didn't make it. dang.