Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What I did on my day off...

watched the Today show
watched Ice Age 3 with the family
did a load of laundry
went through my craft stuff to see what I had for Christmas projects
snuggled with the kids
made lunch including making a cheese ball to put in the fridge to chill
played with Jules
took a nap when she did
got up and ate some of the yummy cheese ball
watched an episode of The Mentalist

...and that's just before dinner.


kathy said...

may i say what i did? i'm gonna.

*read 3 diary of a wimpy kid books
*scrubbed 3 bathrooms
*made myself sick on halloween candy
*got the children to vacuum the floors
*took the dog to the vet
*took boys to spend their bucks
*ran the glue gun for nate's project (while he bemoaned the fact that he waited until the last minute to do his book project)
*picked up pizza for dinner
*got free cheesy bread (wow, free cheesy bread!) {say that with brian williams enthusiasm}
*watched an episode of stormchasers (adrenaline junkies posing as researchers)

kathy said...

oh yeah,

*fell asleep in my chair. again.