Monday, November 02, 2009

Saving Thanksgiving

So I went into Target on my lunch hour today to buy some 50% off candy for my classroom prize box. And I was greeted by huge snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. And next to the Halloween clearance aisle, there were aisles of Christmas stuff. Now I love Christmas as much as anyone, but what happened to Thanksgiving? The month of November, and especially Thanksgiving, seem to get forgotten in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas. Therefore, I am declaring my Nablopomo* theme as Thanksgiving. Each day I will post something to do with Thanksgiving or about something I'm thankful for or what being thankful means to me. (Yesterday's Blessed Sunday post fits right in, don't you think?) So I am starting my own little crusade to save Thanksgiving and get it noticed by the world (or at least by my 3 faithful readers) for more than just a day of stuffing ourselves and the day before black Friday.

So enjoy November and let the countdown to Thanksgiving begin!

*National Blog Posting Month


Alyson said...

Yay for Save Thanksgiving!

We Thanksgiving lovers should parade about with signs and chain ourselves to a giant turkey until the retail market recognizes this wonderful holiday!

kathy said...

my favorite month is november. and thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. i'm all in for saving thanksgiving! thanks for beginning the crusade!

marci said...

Count me in on the "Save Thanksgiving Rebel Alliance". We have so much for which to be thankful. Having a grateful heart makes all the difference in how you view the world.

Ada said...

I love Thanksgiving. Turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy. Games with the fam. The annual lighting downtown. Ahhh and the picture of Abby with the turkey leg. It's a tradition. pablerg

Jen said...

And the crusade begins...thanks, girls.