Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thrift Stores and a Craft Fair

This morning I headed into town (by myself) to return some movies. (Up which is sooo good, and Wolverine, which is also good.*) Since I was going, I decided to run some other errands, too. I dropped off the movies, then went to a children's used clothing store and traded in some baby stuff for a pink long-sleeved shirt, the cutest pink corduroy dress ever, and a cute little tea set for Jules. A good trade, I think. Then I stopped by the post office to get the mail, stopped at the feed and farm to get fresh bedding for the dog and cats, and headed downtown to do some thrift store shopping.

So here's what I discovered. I don't like thrift store shopping. I don't like shopping in general, so when I'm looking for something, I want to go and get it and be done. I was looking for boots for the kids, tea cups and pots for my new collection**, and craft supplies for Christmas projects. After going to 4 stores, I found nothing. No boots, no cute little tea cups, no fabric or ribbon. (There were of course all of those things at at least one of the stores, but not the right size or cuteness or color.)

After that, my sister and mom called and asked me if I wanted to go to a craft fair with them. I was already going to call them to see if they wanted to go with me, so I met them there. We walked through all the booths looking at all the handmade goods. Some people are so talented. We saw some really beautiful things. I even took a few notes about things I want to try. I once again bought nothing, but had fun anyway.

Then, since I had no luck finding boots earlier, I went back into town to Payless Shoes since they are having their buy one-get one sale. Guess what? No boots for the boys. Not even in the men's section. They did have cute little brown and pink boots for Jules--for $35! Umm, no. So I went to Target to the boot aisle, found the boots that were on sale, found the kid's sizes, and was done. That's how I like to shop. (It would have taken even less time, but there was a family in the aisle trying on every kind of boots they had...twice.)

Then I went to Albertson's for the deal of the one pie (for $6.39) and get another pie and two boxes of Breyer's ice cream free. I know! What a deal!

Now I'm home. And gladly so. I need to finish my chores (that I didn't do since I shopped all day) and then I want to make a cup of Earl Grey tea and read. On second thought, I can do my chores tomorrow.

*I like Ryan Reynolds and was looking forward to seeing him in Wolverine. Someone really should have warned me that he was the bad guy.
**I was inspired by Marci's sweet tea cup collection. I have two already. One I bought for myself last week and a beautiful one my sister bought for me yesterdy. (Both were purchased at thrift stores, by the way.)


kathy said...

he was so good at being the bad guy! now, is it just teacups or teacups with saucers, or both or both with the matching teapot, or just teapots. or teapots with the matching sugar and creamer. what about the tray. how about the cups saucers teapot creamer sugar bowl tray, but the sugar lid is cracked? c'mon, i need details if i'm going to help out with this project.

and, oh yeah, thanks for sharing the deal of the day...AFTER I GOT HOME!

kathy said...

after thinking about it overnight, i really don't need two pies and a gallon of ice cream.

Alyson said...

We watched UP on Friday night and it was SO good! And I cried for the first 1/2 hour... even before it technically got sad. I knew it was coming!

I am also not a good thrift store shopper. I have a great deal of guilt every time I just go to Target, but I KNOW I'm going to find what I want at Target! :)

Anonymous said...

I got one word for you --------compound word ----Wall-mart hehehe

Jen said...

Kathy, he was a good bad guy...but he's a better good guy. And about the teacups etc., the answer is yes, all of the above. And the pies are them for later. Oh, but eat the ice cream now.

Alyson, Up is so going on my Christmas list. And Target is my store of choice, too.

Chico, AAAHHHH! I can't believe you said that word on my blog!