Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blessed Sunday

Yesterday morning, before 2/5 of our family was awake, Adam and I played 5 rounds of UNO Spin. It's UNO only with a plate sized spinner that comes into play with certain cards. It's really fun even though Adam beat me 3 games to 2. While we were playing, Adam, out of the blue said, "Mom, I've been trying to think who could have given us all those presents last year. I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure." He was remembering last Christmas Eve when we came home to our porch covered with bags of Christmas gifts for the whole family. Presents which included UNO Spin. There was a note, but no one had signed it. I'm sure it was someone (or a group of someones) from our church family who had done such a wonderful, kind thing for us knowing that we only had 1/2 a job supporting our family. It was a little overwhelming, this gift of kindness. Overwhelming to know that we have those who care for us enough that they would go out of their way to make our holiday happier. Overwhelming that God's love is so alive in those who did such a thing. Overwhelming to see my children experience such an act of goodness. I had just been thinking about all this earlier in the week and to have Adam mention it, remember it, be thinking about it a year later, was more evidence to me that what these loving sisters and brothers did was so much more than give us presents to unwrap Christmas morning. They gave us hope and joy and an example to follow. I hope that someday our family will be able to do such a thing for an other family in need. So today, I am remembering last year and our amazingly blessed Christmas. One that will be remembered always, by our whole family.


Katrina said...

This post has me all teared up! You truly never forget the feeling of being on the receiving end of so much grace and generosity when you're in need. We've experienced it, too! And you're right--it makes the joy of passing the gift along to someone else so much sweeter!

Ada said...

good people beget good people