Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I love teaching kindergarten

Students randomly bring me gifts like pictures they've drawn or papers they've practiced their letters on...or like today, a Reese's peanut butter cup.

Kindergartners do things like come to the garbage can by my desk to throw things away and tell me what it is they are throwing away...like today when one little girl came to empty out her pocket of "old bacon." (I didn't look. I just took her word for it.)

Kindergartners laugh a lot. Sometimes when things aren't even really that funny. And they appreciate my attempt at silly voices at storytime.

They say things like upsharpen (for sharpen), upside down 6 (for 9), stuffed up animal (for stuffed animal), and "My foot hurts. Maybe if I get a drink it will feel better."


Alyson said...

I like the last one. He/She could be Elton from Clueless: "My foot hurts, can I go to the nurse?" You'll have to start worrying if he/she loses their Cranberries CD and wants to go to the Quad before someone takes it.

kathy said...

i promote the water thing. anytime someone complains about this hurting or that aching i tell them, "i'm sorry, want to go get a drink of water?" of course, i won't drink out of the fountain, but it seems to help them.